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When we first begin, we schedule a complimentary consultation call to learn more about your travel preferences and your price point. After expectations are set, and the one-time planning fee (see below for description) is taken care of, we start to work! As your travel specialists, you will have access to us via email, phone and text. During travel times, you will have extra support 24.7 by phone and text on travel and excursion days.

Fees are upfront and nonrefundable which are charged after our complimentary session.


Flight Only Booking- $50.00 per ticket

Domestic Travel- $75.00

Mexico & Caribbean Travel- $100.00

Europe Travel- Beginning at $100.00

Other Destinations- Beginning at $150.00

South America Travel- Beginning at $100.00


Budget/Last Minute Vacation Planning ( 3 days or Less )- $50.00

Family Travel

Finally, Family Travel Made Easy


Family vacations are supposed to be fun. 


But most family vacations start with endless amounts of research, second-guessing your options, and sneaking in peeks of online travel reviews in between clearing away the dinner plates and tucking in the kids for bed.


Let’s face it: Before you’ve even corralled your kids onto the plane, you’re exhausted.


There IS an easier way. 


At No Borders Travel, we take the painful parts out of family travel planning—all the research, all the price comparisons, all the late nights surfing the web—and do it for you. Plus, we rely on our expertise and trusted partnerships with travel suppliers to make sure we’re providing your family with only the BEST experiences on your well-deserved getaway.


How can we make your next sun-drenched family escape totally stress-free? 

How It Works: 4 Simple Steps to Unforgettable Family Fun!


STEP 1: Connect—Let’s connect on a complimentary consultation call. We’ll learn more about your travel preferences and budget, and you can get all your questions answered about what it’s like to work with No Borders Travel. Let’s make sure we’re a good fit.


STEP 2: Research—After you take care of the planning fee, we’ll get to work on researching the hands-down best options for your family. The planning fee gets you unlimited itinerary revisions, but we usually nail it for you within three.


STEP 3: Craft—Now, your vacation truly starts to come together. We’ll book every component of your vacation for you—which means no more late nights researching flights or trying to figure out the best way to get from Point A to Point B … with fidgety kids in tow! Relax, and let us take care of it all.


STEP 4: Support—Rest easy knowing that you have the support of No Borders while you embark on your journey. We’ll be monitoring your flights to make sure you jet off smoothly. Experience any travel hiccups along the way? Reach out to us via email, phone call, or even text, and we’ll solve it for you. 


Ready to jet off somewhere sunny—with an itinerary crafted just for your family?


Let’s connect on a complimentary consultation call to start planning!

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