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Travel Resolutions

At No Borders Travel, we see a new year as an entirely new calendar waiting to be filled with new clients, new destinations and our own travel plans filling the days of each month. Our resolutions include sending clients to new places, achieving new goals in our business and learning to travel better!

We are sharing some of our resolutions with you, hoping they will help you create some of your own as well!

Get TSA Precheck and Global Entry

We are finally taking the plunge and registering for the TSA Precheck and Global Entry in anticipation of our travel this year. Having a young, growing family, it is extremely important to us to experience low stress and organized travel days. My husband experiences a terrible amount of anxiety when traveling and to put these options off any longer is crazy! Cheers to a more stress-free experience at the airport!

Update Passports

Our passports are either expiring at the end of this year or the beginning of 2020- it’s time to start the renewal process so there are no hold ups on last minute weekend getaways or hours of sitting at the passport agency waiting for them to approve an emergency passport request while you should be packing for the trip.

Take Advantage of Long Weekends

My husband owns as demolition company and I run No Borders, along with tracking the kid’s schedules and sometimes a three-day weekend creeps up on me like a sour milk left in the backseat of my car (thanks kids) on a hot summer’s night. Point is, I need to plan these out with notice. Living in Colorado, I have the perfect opportunity to spend a long weekend in the mountains skiing or hopping on a plane to Anaheim, California and spending two days in Disneyland!

Are there any New Year’s Resolutions you would like sharing – comment below !

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