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Must Visit Destinations In 2019

It’s to no surprise that some of the world’s most amazing destinations are feeling the tourism squeeze; those Instagram photos with no one in the background is not as quite as easy to capture as it used to be. But that’s no reason to stay put: as certain communities cope with travelers’ all-too-eager embrace, being a seasoned and knowledgeable traveler just means getting strategic about where to go. Below are a few “off the beaten path” destinations to travel before the waves of tourists discover these places as well.


1. Colombia

You may believe, a country of conflict and cartels, drugs and violence, well these stereotypes should be swept aside and burned prior to visiting this booming country.

Today's Colombia is much more than the aforementioned. Think of beautiful coast lines, colorful towns, women selling café tinto in the markets, and evening being engulfed with Salsa in the night clubs. Colombia is the third largest Spanish speaking country in the world, only being sidelined by Mexico and Spain.


2. Egypt

The only way to gain a true love and understanding for Cairo is to absorb the old with the new there. Passionate residents appreciate their culture of the ancient world that draw a love of religion and pharaohs to the areas. The ancient pyramids and sphinx only steps away from busy markets with shouting vendors and honking donkeys in the alleyways. Between that is the dependable Islamic call to prayer that draws even the most boisterous areas to a seeming quiet. Today, the heavily guarded city is welcoming more visitors than ever before.


3. Costa Rica

Just a few hours’ flight from much of the U.S.A, Costa Rica has always been an striking journey's end for travelers seeking beach getaways and exciting biodiversity. A true nature-lover’s paradise, Costa Rica holds over 800 miles of shoreline and massive stretches of protected rain forest and reserves. Hot springs, cloud jungles, and opulent river valleys have long seduced travelers to Costa Rica

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