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First Class is a Must

When embarking on your dream luxury vacation, flying in first class is the right way to start the trip. There are amenities that you are going to be able to get in first class that you aren’t going to be able to get anywhere else. Different airlines specialize in different things when it comes to first-class and all of these specialties are why first class is a must for your luxury vacation.

What First Class Can Offer

Before booking that first-class ticket, consider what you will want to get in your first-class experience.

All About The Little Things

Airlines like Qatar Airways offer an experience that is about the details. They create an ambiance of subtle elegance. First-class on an airline like this is highlighted by attentive service, a gourmet 4-course meal, and a private bar. They also offer their guests such luxuries as a full bathroom with vanity to freshen up and Italian skincare products. It is like a luxury hotel in the sky that takes you to your luxury hotel for your vacation.

The Culinary Bliss Experience

Foodies and culinary buffs love to enjoy the cuisine of where they are traveling to. An airline like Singapore Air and Air France offer just that for their first-class guests. Singapore Air supplies their guests with an onboard sommelier in order to help them choose the best wine or champagne to go with the gourmet meal. Their guests are also able to “book the cook” so that they can plan their meal before they ever get on the plane.

France is known for their cuisine and that is translated to their airline. Air France gives their guests white glove service and a 6-star Michelin chef prepared meal. The guests are given the best of the cuisine and chefs that France has to offer.

Your Personal Space

Emirates is an airline that is also like a 5-star hotel. Each guest is afforded their own personal suite with a mini bar, shower room, personal pajamas, television, and even a bed for the flight. This is a hotel in the sky makes their guests feel special and give them the million dollar experience every time they fly.

We all know that flying first class is the best way to fly, but we also know that it isn’t cheap. The way to get the best rates is to go through an experienced travel agent. Because of the relationships that the hospitality business is built on, great agents will have extensive relationships with a certain airline. These relationships will allow you to get first-class accommodations for cheaper than you would ever find online. When you fly first-class, you create a vacation experience that you’ll never forget.

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