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Egypt Travel Tips

The only way to gain a true love and understanding for Cairo is to absorb the old with the new there. Passionate residents appreciate their culture of the ancient world that draw a love of religion and pharaohs to the areas. The ancient pyramids and sphinx only steps away from busy markets with shouting vendors and honking donkeys in the alleyways. Between that is the dependable Islamic call to prayer that draws even the most boisterous areas to a seeming quiet. Today, the heavily guarded city is welcoming more visitors than ever before. Here are four ideas to keep in mind to prepare and enjoy travel to this ancient country!

USA Passport in suitcase pocket

1. Don’t forget you will need a VISA and a PASSPORT- A Visa only costs around $50.00 and is required upon arrival to the country at the airport. Learn more by visiting the state department for more information.

2. Make sure to spend some time taking an excursion by cruising down the Nile in a boat. Cruising offers options to to visit the temples, float by crocodiles peppering the shallow shores of the Nile and witness the small but still relevant small villages of Egypt.

3. Snorkel in the Red Sea! Suitable for both novice snorkelers to versed divers. Keep your eyes peeled for manta Rays, Sea Horses and the occasional shark! Want more information for dive sites, spend some time looking up the Egypt tourism board.

4. Egypt has a ton of security, specifically in the larger cities such as Cairo, and seriously busy tourist attractions such as the Pyramids. Don’t be intimidated about the heightened security, just be smart. Do not bring items along with you that require a second thought about it being acceptable.

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