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Ancient sun-bleached ruins pierce bright blue skies in Athens as the endless and dozens of tiny islands dotting the Aegean Sea attract beach goers, luxury travelers and the famous looking for a private escape alike! Despite the recent financial debacles over the last several years, Greek culture is alive with important historical landmarks, stimulated cuisine and thrill-seeking excursions around the country. 


When to travel 

  • Autumn and Spring months are the absolute best times to travel to Greece. Temperature and Crowds are not overwhelming during this timeframe and you will be able to see so much more during these seasons. 

  • If you are looking for a beach vacation in the islands, we recommend traveling during July or August; you will experience warm weather and the most fun! 




  • Greece is the Euro 

  • Most Greeks accept the U.S Dollar but it is good to exchange some money for the Euro for the more traditional vendors 

  • Most larger commercial center have ATMs but not some of the smaller islands do not offer ATM access or their ATMS are usually broken or out of money. 

  • Visa and Mastercard are primary accepted here. AMEX is not typically looked well upon as the higher charge for service fees. 


Top Must See/Do opportunities include the following 

  • Island Hopping – Visiting islands like Mykonos, Santorini, Crete and Rhodes are must visit islands in the area. You will witness unforgettable sunsets, cliff side homes,  red, black and brown sand beaches and unforgeable historic relics. 

  • Athens is a must for anyone wanting to visit the Acropolis and the Parthenon. 

  • Museum hopping is recommended for a day out for all the historic and Art buffs. 


Just a few hours’ flight from much of the U.S.A, Costa Rica has always been an striking journey's end for travelers seeking beach getaways and exciting biodiversity. A true nature-lover’s paradise, Costa Rica holds over 800 miles of shoreline and massive stretches of protected rain forest and reserves. Hot springs, cloud jungles, and opulent river valleys have long seduced travelers to Costa Rica. 


When to travel 

  • High Travel season lies in December through April of the year… You are pretty much guaranteed for sunny days and nice temperatures. Beware of higher prices and bigger crowds during this time. 

  • July-October are the wetter months of the years, so avoid 



  • Costa Rica accepts US dollar widely and has many locations for currency conversions and ATMS.

  • Tipping is somewhat uncommon still in the country but is become more widely expected as time progresses and tourism increases.  

Top Must See/Do opportunities include the following 

  • Llanos de Cortes 

    • Beautiful waterfall after a short but steep hike

  • San Jose 

    • Culture, Museums and Amazing Food. This city will keep you busy for days exploring all the opportunities in the area. 

  • National Parks 

    • Explore by biking, hiking or horseback riding, these national parks offer an abundance of different experience. 

  • Don’t forget to relax for a day or two on your private beach located only a few steps from your resort room! 


Mexico is a traveler’s paradise. It features many different faces including desert snow-capped volcanoes, beautiful ancient ruins, modernized cities, steamy jungles,  old colonial towns, private high-end resorts, secluded beaches and a beautiful collection of exotic animals and tropical plants. This mix is the key to Mexico’s charm and result of the ever-increasing volume of visitors to the area


When to travel 

High season (November – April)

Christmas and Easter are Mexican Holiday times, so during this timeframe many U.S travelers find somewhere to celebrate in a warmer client. The Yucatan is the perfect opportunity! 


Low Season (May-September) 

May- August in Mexico is hot! Average temperature can sit at 98* F making it difficult to sit outside over the course of the entire day. 



  • Mexico’s currency is the peso and frankly cash is kind there. Bargaining will only be successful in cash. 

  • If you are looking to complete some shopping downtown and in local shops, cash is an absolute must. 

  • Many mid-range to high end hotels and resorts will have ATMS on site along with accepting debit and credit cards. 

  • The current exchange rate sits around 17 Pesos for 1 U.S Dollar. 

  • Tips are encouraged for services such as restaurants, resorts, bell boys, taxis and car attendants. Keep in mind, wages are very poor and most of their wages are provided by tips you provide. 


Top Must See/Do opportunities include the following


  • Snorkeling and Diving in the Yucatan Peninsula. IT has the second largest Barrier reef and has many tropical fish and an abundance of colorful coral! 

  • Make sure to try the Cochinita Pibil (slow roasted pork) !

  • Chichen Itza is a Maya temple complex that is a once in a lifetime travel experience when visiting the area. Be sure to stay hydrated and bring snacks for the kids, as the drive from the beach areas to this must-see temple can range from 1.5 to 6 hours one way depending on where you are staying 

  • Family Parks in the area in locations such as Xcaret, Rio Secreto, and Xplor park. These are all within the Playa De Carmen area and are typically one whole day excursions suitable for the entire family!

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