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  • Do you have a fee?
    Yes, I do. After our complimentary consultation call, there is a nonrefundable trip planning fee. Our planning fee covers our customized itineraries, expertise, on call at all times during your vacation and so much more! Click here for some more information on planning fees.
  • What type of clients do you work with?
    My clients are busy but successful families or couples that enjoy experiencing life outside the normal work routine. I work with people that have the desire to travel and deserve an amazing trip but simply don’t have the time to plan it all themselves. They desire the special touches, and the extra attention to detail is appreciated.
  • Do you book anything other than family travel?
    Most definitely! I love booking other types of travel as well. My aspiration in a trip is to book something that is a personal and unique to your needs, so anything that falls into that category I will help in planning for you.
  • Do you specialize in a certain location?
    Yes, I love booking travel to the Caribbean, Mexico and South America. Even though that is my specialty, I have booked travel to (and traveled to) locations like Turkey, Greece, Italy and France. If our personalities match, and your travel style I feel is a match for me to work with, we can book travel anywhere together.
  • Are we going to work well together ?
    It is so super important to me that my clients are brought the most value out of our time together while planning your vacation. If you are looking for any of the following in your vacation planning process, we are probably not the best match. You want the cheapest/best “deal” – If you spend hours on end researching the internet looking for the best deals and score on Groupon for 50% off, are you the coupon collector within your family, we are most likely not a good fit. I work on getting the best experience for my clients and their families, I am not the Travel Professional you will need to get a 2 for one deal on the cheap Caribbean trip you have been ogling for 3 months. You want to DIY or Do it Yourself planning- We simply won’t mesh. If you look forward to planning and organizing the itinerary yourself, go ahead and have it 😉I would not, for a single moment want to take these planning opportunities away from you. On the other hand, If you take a look below and see these descriptions match those wheels in your head turning we are a match made in heaven. You’re just too busy- Between doing the dishes, bathing the kids and pulling off a shower by yourself more than twice a week is an accomplishment for you, it is meant to be… I am here for you. I am here to plan everything Email- Text and Scheduled Phone Calls are you preferred methods of contact- After your complimentary phone consultation, we will for the most part keep in contact via email. Why do you ask; this keeps all of your travel details and requests in one organized place. Sticking to a scheduled call, well let’s be honest, I am planning a few vacations at any one time; I want to ensure I have your travel information readily available to me during our calls, not just pretend we are on the same page about your vacation. Experiences are better than material items- Yes, your shot glasses, snow globes and seashells are great, really, they are! But do you know what is even better, sitting on the balcony of your hotel room, soaking in the hot tub with a glass of rose in your hand. You can buy souvenirs on any trip, or even off Amazon and Ebay! I make those unforgettable memories happen for you and your family. You want the best and appreciate the special touches that take your travel experience to the next level: strawberries and champagne to your room upon arrival, private luxury transportation to and from the airport, private dining experiences, even a babysitter organized to arrive at your hotel room so you and your significant other have the night to unwind for a romantic night out that has already been organized for you.
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