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I’ve always been pulled to the sun, sand, and surf—and I’ve been thrilled to be able to take my family along with me!

There are the frequent visits back to the Yucatan in Mexico—one of my favorite places on earth—where I turn into a proud mama whenever I hear my kids practice their Spanish with the locals. 

There was the trip to Roatan, Honduras, where we got to pet monkeys and run crazy fast down a nearly deserted beach.


But perhaps my favorite beach-y memory is of my wedding day, at a fabulous resort in Mexico. I remember after the ceremony walking out to the beach hand-in-hand with my 1.5-year-old son. I rocked him in my arms along to the rhythm of the waves. Soon enough, I looked down and saw he’d fallen asleep, his little head nestled against the folds of my wedding dress. 

Why do I share these memories?

Because, for me, this is what being a family travel specialist is all about—helping families create their own special memories. 

Memories where breathtaking locales play backdrop to smiles full of wonder, warm bear hugs, and moments of awe-inspiring discovery.


My promise to you: To treat your trip as so much more than just a vacation. It’s your chance to craft new memories as a family, together. Memories that will fuel you all for years to come. 

Victoria Garcia, Your Family Travel Specialist


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